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July 23, 2022
Saturday at 6:30 pm CET


RT Torax arena Poruba



1. Beata Juhász vs Natália Grmanová- 51,5 kg (MMA)
Winner: Juhász R1 (2:46) submission (forearm choke)

2. Jakub Krofta vs Jacob Mikula- 70 kg (REAL FIGHT)
Winner: Krofta unanimous decision

3. Pavla Kladivová vs Elina Tauber- 61,2 kg (MMA)
Winner: Kladivová R1 (3:11) TKO (punches)

4. Ján Králik vs Michal Duba- 77,1 kg (MMA)
Winner: Duba unanimous decision

5. Cleber Souza vs Mateusz Rybak- 83,9 kg (MMA)
Winner: Souza split decision

Main Card

6. Julio Barreto vs Marián Jakubík- 70,3 kg (MMA)
Winner: Barreto R1 (4:54) submission (rear naked choke)

7. Michal Glos vs. Jan Fajk- 77,1 kg (MMA)
Winner: Fajk unanimous decision

8. Arthur Lima vs Jan Veselík- 74,5 kg (MMA)
Winner: Lima R3 (4:58) technical submission (brabo choke)

9. Dominik Bereczki vs Jakub Kadáš- 75 kg (REAL FIGHT)
Winner: Bereczki R1 (2:08) KO (punch)

10. Mauricio Otalora vs Miroslav Brož- 77,1 kg (MMA)
Winner: Brož R2 (2:50) TKO (punches)

11. Martin Kálucz vs Jozef Wittner- 77,1 kg (MMA)
Winner: Wittner unanimous decision

12. Bernard Plavec vs Sebastián Fapšo- 81 kg (REAL FIGHT)
Winner: Fapso R1 (1:48) KO (punch)

13. Nenad Avramovic vs Milan Ďatelinka- 83,9 KG (MMA)
Winner: Avramovic R1 (2:28) submission (guillotine choke)

RFA karta bojovníkov
Final fight card - RFA
Saturday 23/07/22

RT Torax arena - Poruba

We are truly living the golden age of Combat sports in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Come and see for yourself.

The third RFA event will take place on July 23rd in Ostrava, a city that belongs to one of the biggest sports enthusiasts of the domestic scene. On the third Saturday of July, they will have a chance to clearly demonstrate their passion for combat sports.

Moreover, there will be several reasons for creating an electrifying atmosphere at the Poruba Winter Stadium. World champions and European fighters, that have huge experience from the toughest matches around the world, will step into the cage. We can expect to compare domestic "aces" with those from abroad and, of course, see traditional Czecho-Slovak derbys.

The modern phenomenon of MMA or REAL FIGHT will certainly not leave any fan of fighter sports cold. Information about the complete starter full of elite wrestlers will follow soon on our social networks.

So don't miss this event and get ready for an unforgettable experience! We look forward to welcoming you there.

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Handling punches

The rivalry between the Slovak and Czech nations has always brought "sharp" battles and it will be the case now as well… we already know that it will be tense not only during the matches.

Real Fight Arena enters the professional MMA scene and plans to bring martial arts to a wide audience of spectators with the highest quality. The fact that domestic fighters have something to offer, even compared to world-renowned rivals, is a given and does not even have to be mentioned.

However, the RFA does not only stay with the Czechoslovak domestic scene, it also attacks the international market, which is why we are already working with interesting foreign names from Poland, Serbia or even Cuba. The cage will also feature world-class MMA stars from UFC or other top organizations. In addition to the popular MMA matches, we prepare matches in attitude – Real Fight matches under the rules of Muay Thai in small gloves, which undoubtedly adds to the attractiveness of this fighting sport.

RFA is here to support the Slovak and Czech warrior bases, which we will help on the way to become not only professionals, but also MMA stars. Among other things, as the first organization on the Czech-Slovak scene, we also support amateur fighters and are already preparing the first cooperation with IAF, SLAM, MMAA and others.

The RFA is ready to join the best. Are you?